Health Systems

Facilitating High Quality Care with Greater Efficiency

Health Systems

Facilitating High Quality Care with Greater Efficiency

Our communication platform allows providers to quickly and easily facilitate virtual consults with specialists and virtual visits with patients. Each video call can include specialists, medical staff, a pharmacist, family members/caregivers, and/or a medically certified interpreter as needed. Hospitals and Systems can improve the timing and quality of their care by using Synzi to conduct efficient and effective virtual consults and visits.

Improve Delivery
of Care 

  • Access specialists on demand to provide diagnoses and decisions in emergent care situations 
  • Reduce patients’ length of stay and wait times for a consult; avoid unnecessary admissions and transfers
  • Identify and reengage at-risk patients to minimize unnecessary readmissions

Optimize Workflows and Staff Productivity

  • Automate existing workflows and map staffing to patient needs for better staff utilization
  • Increase staff productivity by using our reporting to align staffing based on your patient touchpoint strategy 
  • Minimize travel time and costs for specialists and providers who are offsite, remote, or at another location

Enhance Patient Engagement

  • Engage patients in their treatment plan with reminder email/text messaging about follow-up appointments
  • Enable patients to conveniently launch a video call from the comfort of their home
  • Help patients remain at home while reducing their travel time and transportation costs and minimizing appointment no-shows 

Enhancing the continuum of care is important to providers and patients because everyone can benefit from enhanced satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved health. With Synzi, your team can quickly conduct a video call to align on patients’ needs or discuss patient prognosis, treatment, and expectations from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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