Adopting Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Through Virtual Care

When patients are discharged from inpatient care, the transition to post-discharge is pivotal to supporting positive health outcomes. Patients must adhere to the treatment plan outlined by their provider(s), requiring a full understanding of the role their medications play in recovery.

An Overview of MTM

A critical facet of post-discharge adherence is Medication Therapy Management (MTM). MTM is an avenue for patients to directly interact with their pharmacists regarding their medications and overall treatment plan—elevating patient engagement in their own care.

MTM is the ongoing management of a patient’s overall post-discharge medication regimen in order to optimize therapeutic effectiveness, prevent adverse events, and achieve optimal medication therapy goals. Through virtual care, MTM shifts from the pharmacy to the patient’s home, giving access to consistent input throughout a treatment plan. Consistent pharmacist inclusion is critical to health outcomes, especially for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

How Synzi Can Streamline MTM Patient Adherence

As telehealth plays a significant role in MTM, Synzi can offer the necessary technology to facilitate continued care adherence by patients virtually. A cost-effective and convenient solution, Synzi allows the integration of pharmacists into virtual visits with the home care team. Using Synzi, pharmacists can avoid the hassle of conducting MTM via telephone or in-person visits to provide seamless reinforcement of medication continuity virtually.

Synzi delivers a dynamic solution to the success of MTM, creating a smooth transition for patients from discharge to the comfort of their homes. Through innovative technology, hospitals can ensure top quality care throughout the post-discharge treatment process—driving improved quality of life and care satisfaction, and mitigating the need for re-hospitalization.

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