Alicia Marr – CEO, Excelin Home Health

“With Synzi, we are actively protecting our patients and our staff by using video-based virtual visits to effectively care for our patients and driving better outcomes.  Synzi has served as the liaison between our patients and our staff.  We have brought in family caregivers into the video call using the Synzi platform. This is especially critical and meaningful in hospice to engage family members.  The video call allows the family to say goodbye to their loved one while receiving compassion and reassurance from our nurse.”

“Prior to COVID-19, most of our employee assessments were completed by a very manual process.  Synzi has been instrumental to identify employee symptoms early before a potential exposure has occurred. It also has allowed us to screen our staff more efficiently and accurately so we can deploy healthy workers into the field.”

“We were very committed to wanting to support our communities and caring for the COVID-19 population.  When we developed our internal protocol for caring for patients, Synzi telehealth was very much a part of that protocol. We felt it was very important to protect our staff, to preserve our PPE and to protect our patients.  Synzi is very much a part of the dialogue that we had with our referral sources from Day 1.  Let’s talk about telehealth and how we’re going to incorporate it into that plan of care.’”

“We can easily identify Synzi’s value toward quality outcomes and efficient care models.  At a minimum, providing telehealth to all patients allows opportunities to triage calls and prevent rehospitalizations.   A lot of our patients are typical chronically ill patients: heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes. Those are the patients that have the highest risk of contracting COVID-19. These patients need to be at home.”

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