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How to Use Telehealth and Virtual Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Improving Chronic Care with Virtual Care Advancing the care of chronic disease is critical.  Implementing virtual care is a must-have for providers seeking to improve how they manage and engage these patients from a convenient, cost-effective, and compassionate standpoint. By … Read More

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How Telehealth Can Encourage Immunizations

Importance of Immunizations Healthcare professionals play a key role in educating parents and patients about the importance of vaccination.  According to the CDC, patients can be protected against serious diseases like shingles, pneumococcal disease, hepatitis B, and seasonal flu with … Read More

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How Remote Patient Monitoring Helps Manage Patients and Improve Outcomes

Overview of Remote Patient Monitoring Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses digital technologies to collect medical and other health data from patients and securely transmit that information to home health clinicians and physicians different location for review and recommendations.  RPM telehealth … Read More

How Technology Helps Consumers Support Their Well-being

Protecting Patients and Providers There have been many changes in the way that healthcare is conducted during this pandemic, in order to protect both the patient and the provider. Healthcare providers had to adjust the way they interact with and … Read More

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How Telehealth Benefits Transitional Care Management

Overview of Transitional Care Management Transitional care management (TCM) includes services provided to a patient with medical and/or psychosocial problems requiring moderate or high-complexity medical decision making.  TCM provides an essential pathway for patients who are high utilizers and those … Read More

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AccentCare Uses Synzi to Ease Patient Burden Facing Hospitals Amid COVID-19

Innovative Synzi Telehealth App Helps AccentCare Expand and Extend Impact St. Petersburg, FL, — July 10, 2020 — AccentCare, a national leader in post-acute healthcare services, announced improved outcomes from using Synzi’s telehealth app and virtual care platform to provide … Read More

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How Telehealth Can Engage All Patients with Interpretation and Translation

LEP Patients’ Barriers to Care English-only healthcare communications can be limited in their impact with patients who primarily speak or prefer a language other than English for their day-to-day communications.  For patients with limited English proficiency (LEP), linguistic and cultural … Read More

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How Telehealth Better Connects Physicians with Home Health Agencies

Understanding the Future Role of Telehealth in Healthcare Delivery “Telehealth is now a household word,” stated American Telemedicine Association President Dr. Joe Kvedar during his keynote address the first day of the virtual ATA2020 conference.  “We have a lot more … Read More

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How Telehealth Improves Patient Adherence

Optimizing Patient Adherence Quality healthcare outcomes are related to patients’ adherence to recommended treatment regimens, according to a study in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management.  Clinicians must be attuned to their patients and understand the subtle hints (verbal and nonverbal) … Read More