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How Automation is Transforming Home Healthcare

Virtual care technology is transforming how home health care is delivered.  In addition to being able to virtually connect with patients for a video-based call, agencies are using virtual care platforms to automate many administrative functions.  As a result, agencies … Read More

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Promoting Heart Health with Virtual Care

American Heart Month The month of February is the 56th consecutive American Heart Month.  According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke combined) kills about 2,300 people a day.  72% of Americans don’t consider themselves at … Read More

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How Home Health Agencies Are Expecting to Grow

Interested in Growth More than 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day in the U.S. This population shift is helping to position the home health industry for significant growth as boomers will need more care for their clinical and … Read More

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Optimizing Medication Management and Patient Adherence

Transitioning from Inpatient to the Home Setting During the transition of care, a patient likely needs to be able to readily understand how the new post-discharge medication regimen is different from one’s preadmission medications.  When medications, doses, or frequencies change … Read More

Using Virtual Care to Address Health Disparities

Defining Health Disparities There are two prevailing definitions of health disparities: The Department of Health and Human Services describes health disparities as “differences in health outcomes that are closely linked with social, economic, and environmental disadvantage.” The National Institutes of … Read More

How Virtual Care Can Enhance Caregivers’ Expectations and Experiences

Understanding Caregiver Stress Patients’ family caregivers can be critical partners to the care which home health providers deliver to their loved one.  However, the burden of caregiving can increase family members’ risk of experiencing high levels of stress, exhaustion, sleep … Read More

Addressing a Specific Patient Population with Virtual Care

Supporting Specific Patient Populations Home health agencies seeking to differentiate themselves may highlight their focus on specific patient populations.  Patient specialization is not new; agencies have long defined themselves according to the types of patients (e.g., pediatrics) or use-cases (e.g., … Read More

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How Virtual Care and Communication Can Be A Competitive Advantage

Understanding the Competitive Environment Home health agencies are facing increasing competitive pressures in attracting patients and appealing to referral sources.  Agencies are also recalibrating the appropriate mix of institutional vs. community referral partners as PDGM changes the way referrals impact … Read More

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Getting Ready for “What’s Next” in Home Health

Disrupting the Delivery of Care Home health care continues to be in flux and agencies are scrambling to prepare for several forces which will disrupt their delivery of care.  With Synzi, agencies are successfully addressing the impact that PDGM, staff … Read More