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Easy Access to Your Behavioral Health Resources

Behavioral Health Virtual Visit

Behavioral health providers are in high demand and short supply. With Synzi, your members can quickly connect with your behavioral and mental health specialists for virtual visits. Removing the geographic barrier between members and behavioral health providers helps members receive the care, support, and expertise they need when they need it most, enhancing their overall satisfaction with their care. Member progress can be monitored more frequently and more conveniently, helping members remain at home while reducing drive time and related costs for members and specialists. Regardless their location, your behavioral and mental health specialists can conduct a virtual visit with your members to discuss prognosis, treatment, and expectations from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Are your members receiving the care they need when they need it?

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Efficient and Effective

By providing convenient access to behavioral and mental health specialists, Synzi’s communication platform can facilitate a virtual consult between specialists and your members. This creates greater member engagement and enables progress to be monitored more effectively.

Convenient and Flexible

Barriers related to scheduling and geographic limitations can be removed by enabling members to participate in convenient virtual consults with behavioral and mental health specialists. Members’ and staff travel costs and time typically associated with follow-up appointments can be minimized.


  • Increase member engagement, delivering guidance and needed support to members
  • Expand member access to convenient care, reducing driving time and travel costs for members and behavioral and mental health specialists
  • Monitor member progress, addressing medication adherence and reconciliation in real-time and reducing unnecessary readmissions


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients with cost-contained, patient-centric communications and care.