How Virtual Care Helps Better Manage, Monitor and Motivate Patients

The Limitations of RPM/RCM Equipment
Many home health agencies are realizing that omnichannel communication is now a business imperative and that existing legacy remote patient monitoring (RPM) or remote care management (RCM) equipment limits their ability to engage patients in any channel and device of the patient’s choice.  Deploying equipment and devices can also be cost-prohibitive as agencies will incur additional costs – an average of $80 - $120 per month, per user – and risks at each of the following steps:

  • Shipping/transporting a device to the patient’s home
  • Being at the patient’s home to set-up the device
  • Training and troubleshooting with the patient
  • Maintaining and supporting the patient’s usage of the device
  • Retrieving the device when it is no longer needed
  • Storing the device until it is needed in the field
  • Updating (or replacing) the device when it is damaged, dated, or obsolete

As home health agencies are preparing to manage margins under PDGM, providers are turning to solutions which can leverage existing investments and optimize current human and financial resources.


How Synzi is Driving Home Health Providers’ Efficiency and Effectiveness

Synzi is partnering with many home health agencies and helping them saving money on a cost per visit with our virtual care platform – and without requiring an upfront investment in new equipment that can become quickly outdated.  Synzi’s complete solution includes video-based virtual visits, text, SMS and email vs. competitive offerings which only offer a limited range of ways for staff to engage patients

By switching from RPM / RCM equipment to Synzi, home health provider organizations are able to use Synzi’s virtual care communication platform on any type of smartphone, tablet, and PC which are already in the hands of their staff and their patients.   No new equipment is required; no additional investment is needed for your staff and patients to use our solution on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

As a result, home health staff are more effective and efficient with their time.

  • Staff are able to use video-based virtual visits, text, SMS, and email to augment or replace many in-home patient visits, thus converting their “drive-time” into “patient- time” while maintaining a compassionate connection with their patients.
  • The touchpoints (e.g., timing, frequency, and messaging) can be customized to patient population needs.
  • One of our interpreters can participate in the virtual visits on-demand for your patients whose preferred or primary language is not English. Text, email, and SMS messaging can also be translated into the patient’s language of choice.
  • Time spent driving to/from patients’ homes can be redirected to offering more care to more patients, enabling agencies to take on a greater patient load.
  • Transportation and related costs are minimized while staff productivity is maximized.
  • Additional care providers (e.g., specialists, pharmacists, etc.) can quickly be included in the virtual visits in order to address urgent patient issues without requiring follow-up home visits or costly trips to the ER.


Home health staff productivity is increasing by 3x when using Synzi to conduct virtual visits with at-home patients and home health agencies are saving nearly 80% per user on a monthly basis by switching to Synzi.  With a lower combined first year Total Cost of Usage vs. competitive RPM offerings, Synzi’s innovative cost-effective solution is helping agencies grow their referral stream and remain best-in-class in their market – without requiring an investment in new equipment which is soon outdated.

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