How Virtual Care Helps Home Health Agencies with TeleTriage

Teletriage provides patients access to skilled empathetic and effective HHA services especially afterhours during the week and on weekend.  Effective teletriage leverages available agency services and resources while supporting the reduction of avoidable hospitalizations.  Using virtual care technology to assist in your agency’s teletriage processes can help your clinicians minimize patients’ visits to the Emergency Department and rehospitalizations. 

With Synzi’s virtual care communication platform, a home health agency can provide patients (and their family caregivers) with immediate access to available nurses for afterhours and weekend support.  Depending on the situation, your staff can “see and solve” the patient’s issue without needing to send a nurse to the patient’s home.

The expanded access to agency clinicians is also beneficial to family members who might not be as familiar with every detail of their loved one’s day-to-day condition. Family members may become concerned when they see their loved one experiencing unfamiliar symptoms.  Their “gut reaction” may be to drive the patient to the ED to have their loved one “checked out.”  However, family members should be reminded that the patient’s home health care team is on-hand to immediately answer questions about the patient’s health – relieving the anxiety for all involved while alleviating a trip to the hospital and a potential rehospitalization.   

Benefits of using Synzi’s communication platform for teletriage include:

  • Enhanced ability to efficiently and effectively handle inbound patient messages and calls by using HIPAA-compliant secure message, email, text and video to facilitate quality patient interactions
  • Resolution of the majority of all patient inquiries, mitigating your staff from having to make unnecessary visits and minimizing the costs associated with these urgent trips
  • Reduction in caregiver anxiety and burnout by supporting family members at night, after hours, during the holidays and over weekends with care and answers.

With Synzi’s platform, your staff can conveniently serve as the front line for patient and family caregiver questions and offer expert clinical support, course of care guidance, coaching and care management when needed most.    

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