Providing Care to Patients During the Pandemic

Doctor using digital tablet at his clinic

How Virtual Care Benefits Your Patients

As providers strive to continue to check-in with their patients, they are turning to a virtual care communication platform to ensure the continuity of care, especially during this challenging time.

  • Critical care:  Virtual visits and coronavirus-specific assessment can be used to determine if the patient is at-risk for COVID-19 and align on the next steps for diagnosis and treatment.  Additional specialists can be integrated into the virtual visits.  Data analytics can also help practices identify emerging issues by patient and by population (e.g., additional conditions, location, age, etc.)
  • Continued care:  Regular check-ins can now be conducted virtually amongst patients and their providers.  For those patients who are hesitant to attend in-person visits, video-based virtual visits help these patients continue to receive the support, motivation, and guidance they need to remain on track with their treatment plan.  Staff also value the convenience of virtual visits as many are also anxious about the transmission of the coronavirus or other infectious diseases.
  • Compassionate care:  By using a communication platform to broadcast messages with CDC guidance and/or updates on COVID-19, providers are proving that they are keeping their patients’ health and well-being forefront in their care.  Patients (and their family caregivers) appreciate compassionate communications.  Staff appreciate the automated functionality which allows them to save valuable time and labor costs typically associated with calling each and every patient as well as responding to patients’ incoming calls about the coronavirus.

Telehealth is critical to providing care to patients while reducing the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19 amongst a provider organization, its patients, and family caregivers.

Why SynziMD Benefits Your Practice

Providers are using SynziMD’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth and virtual care platform to safely continue care during the coronavirus pandemic.  With SynziMD, provider organizations:

  • Deliver care to patients from any setting of the providers’ and the patients’ choice, improving the quality of life for patients and providers
  • Address barriers to in-person visits by using virtual visits to frequently check-in with at-risk patients
  • Continue to engage patients before and after appointments and procedures
  • Monitor patient vitals in real-time to identify emerging issues
  • Conduct regular assessments to gauge patient progress and level of compliance
  • Address non-compliance by scheduling a cadence of condition-specific messaging to encourage medication adherence
  • Schedule and send tips on nutrition, exercise, preventative measures, and immunizations

By expanding a practice’s footprint beyond the traditional in-person setting, providers are addressing patients’ desire for greater convenience to care while enhancing their own quality of life with the ability to deliver care from the setting of their choice.

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