Using a Communication Platform to Automate Home Health Tuck-in Services

Automating Tuck-in Services

Evening care and tuck-in services offer an opportunity for home health providers to deliver medication reminders to patients.   These services also allow agencies to improve continuity of care by reminding patients (and their family caregivers) that nurses are available after-hours and over the weekend.

Instead of using nurse phone calls or at-home visits to provide these services, home health agencies can schedule a series of messages with medication and care availability reminders.  With Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant platform, home health administrators can automate patient communications and repurpose staff time typically used to make phone calls.

Caring for Patients at Risk for Readmission

Automated tuck-in services and expanded nurse availability for virtual visits also helps reduce the risk of readmissions with high risk patients.  Using Synzi’s virtual care technology to support your agency’s teletriage processes can help your clinicians minimize patients’ ED visits and rehospitalizations.  Depending on the situation, your staff can “see and solve” the patient’s issue without needing to send a nurse to the patient’s home.

Using Synzi’s platform to message and facilitate virtual visits will help resolve many patient inquiries and reduce the need for home health providers to make unnecessary visits after-hours or after the weekends.  Costs associated with these urgent trips are minimized and patient satisfaction is maximized during these off-shift days and times.

Supporting Hospice Patients and Caregivers

Automated tuck-in services and expanded nurse availability for virtual visits also helps hospice patients who may be frustrated or anxious if supply and medication needs are not well anticipated.  Weekend/night triage data analysis showed 45% of calls requested urgent medications, supplies, or visit planning.  Patients and families may be dissatisfied with the evening or weekend care if they do not have supplies needed during the weekend.

Tuck-in messaging and virtual evening check-in’s help reinforce the relationship between the family and the agency.  The tuck-in service is a proactive communication strategy which enables hospice providers to check in with families and help them prepare for the upcoming weekend.    It minimizes caregiver anxiety by providing family with convenient access to evening and weekend staff who can give timely instructions on how to relieve a patient’s discomfort via video.  By providing tuck-in communications and virtual visits, hospice providers have an additional evaluation point to review patient/caregiver satisfaction and identify other patient needs.  As a result, staff travel burden is reduced and patient needs are addressed in a more timely manner.

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