Synzi is a technology company dedicated to providing better ways for healthcare organizations to manage and engage patients, members, and colleagues, simply and efficiently.  Our brand identity conveys ease of use and synchronicity amongst patients, members, and colleagues; it reflects who we are today and symbolizes our dynamic and unswerving commitment to better technology, better care, and better outcomes.

“Telemedicine” and “telehealth” have emerged as umbrella terms for the broad range of technologies and methods which are used to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services for patients and providers. The key word is “virtual.” Telehealth-related tools and technologies are designed to provide care in a virtual manner.  Synzi’s virtual care technology is a cutting edge, integrated communication platform that goes beyond traditional telehealth applications to help healthcare organizations effectively engage patients/members across the continuum of care. 

We partner with healthcare organizations who are seeking to improve the timing and quality of care delivery.  Our customer base includes Hospitals and Health Systems, Health Plans, Home Health Agencies / Visiting Nurses Associations, and related care settings such as Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing and Long-term Care Facilities.

Synzi’s sophisticated communication platform automates and optimizes workflows to help providers deliver virtual care on-demand and avoid unnecessary and costly readmissions and transfers. Leveraging everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, the platform can be used across all levels of cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The platform is equipped with a variety of communication modalities (including video, audio, email, text, and SMS) to optimize patient/member engagement, improve outcomes and reduce costs.  Multiple participants can easily connect and communicate regardless of locations.  Providers can quickly incorporate specialists/clinicians in the video call if a critical diagnosis or decision is needed immediately regarding medication reconciliation, an emerging issue, or transfer.   One of our medically certified interpreters can quickly be added to any video call; text and email communications can also be translated in the patient’s preferred/primary language, as needed.

The platform is configurable to our customers’ needs and uses intelligent call routing based on each customer’s rules, processes, staffing model, and current workflows.  Healthcare organizations have the ability to build care teams.  Our technology is designed to enable bidirectional communications which eliminates appointment scheduling requirement.

Our technology’s core competency is designed to leverage our customers’ clinicians, related networks, brand, and reputation while automating and optimizing their existing workflows.

Many types of virtual care and telehealth visits are reimbursed.  Healthcare organizations are advised to explore their state-specific reimbursement programs for more details.

The Synzi platform is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.   This ensures the security of our technology today while future-proofing our solution to meet growing customer needs.  Our exclusive focus on healthcare, along with our commitment to meeting the industry’s stringent regulations, truly sets Synzi apart from other solutions.

Our program management framework combines video, email and secure messaging communication modalities for healthcare organizations to address specific patient/member needs easily, efficiently, and seamlessly. Synzi uses a sophisticated platform and configurable framework which automates and optimizes workflows across multiple modalities.  Understanding patient behaviors and preference for modality and timing of communications is key to optimizing patient engagement.  Customers use our data to create and schedule the appropriate messages to their patients/members, in the modality preferred by each patient/member.  This creates more valuable connections and more effective care, while bringing convenience and peace of mind to patients/members.

Our customers can access reports to assess patient/member preference, engagement levels and ongoing compliance.  By analyzing the provided data, healthcare organizations can reduce deviations from the program and identify emerging patient/member situations which may require further intervention.

Patients/members and their families are an enthusiastic audience for Synzi due to its user-friendly experience. Patients/members appreciate being able to access post-discharge care and participate in virtual visits from the comfort and convenience of their home, on the device of their choosing, in the modality of their preference, and in their primary or preferred language.

The Synzi user experience is intuitive; with one-click, patients/members can initiate the virtual visit with their provider.  Unlike portals which require usernames and log-ins (leading to low adoption and usage), our solution provides instantaneous access.  Emails, texts, and SMS communications are also designed and utilized based on the preference of each patient/member.  Patients/members can use a smartphone, tablet and/or personal computer to participate in virtual visits and engage via video, email, text, and SMS.  A patient/member does not need a smart device; a PC with a microphone and video camera will suffice.

Family members value being able to participate in the video-based virtual visits. Synzi’s platform helps remote family members be more engaged in their loved one’s care, regardless of their physical location and whether their family member is in a care setting or has returned home.