Addressing PDGM

Home health agencies are using Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients and set up for success under PDGM. With our platform, your clinicians can conduct virtual visits and eliminate the need for certain in-person visits – without negatively impacting patient care. Our platform can also be used by your staff to communicate with patients throughout the episode of care – improving compliance and outcomes.

Supporting Therapy Services
For example, your agency can become more cost-effective when delivering therapy services in the home setting by using Synzi’s virtual care / telehealth platform to address PDGM.  A recent article in Home Health Care News highlighted that agencies should supplement therapy services with telehealth / virtual care technology when appropriate.  “If the patient has gotten to the point that they can do their own home exercise program, what better way to make sure that’s happening than a therapist watching them via remote monitoring?” Melinda Gaboury, co-founder and CEO of Healthcare Provider Solutions Inc., stated. “I’m not saying you’re going to replace therapy with remote monitoring. I’m saying it is a possibility of supplementing having a registered therapist in the house.”

Impacting Your Agency’s Bottom Line
Speaking at a February conference, Ms. Gaboury also shared that “the survival of this [PDGM] will be cost containment 101… If you’ve never thought about Telehealth before, you need to take some deep, deep looks into Telehealth…”  She stressed that agencies should take immediate action: “You should have been looking into it for years... You are cost-containing when you implement it. Do you want the home health agency to still be here next year? We got to do something!”

Delivering Cost-Contained and Patient Centric Care
Synzi’s platform can help your staff address PDGM and have more consistent contact with patients along with enhanced patient satisfaction.  Your therapists and clinicians can conduct 3 video-based check-ins with patients in the time it takes to drive to/from and conduct 1 at-home visit.

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Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients with cost-contained, patient-centric communications and care.