Continuing Care Post Hospital Discharge:
Reducing the Risk of Readmissions

Post-Hospital Discharge Virtual Visit

Hospital readmissions are costly and often preventable, especially within the initial thirty days post-discharge. With Synzi, your members can conveniently access care after discharge and remain comfortably at home. Our dashboard reports help your organization quickly identify those members who have not yet responded to the programmed emails or texts and might not be engaged in their follow-up care. Our insightful reporting allows you to focus your resources on providing care to your members who need it most and are at-risk for readmission.

With Synzi, your care team can support the transition of care from inpatient to outpatient by conducting convenient virtual visits to better reach and reengage members once they return home. During the video call, Care Managers can review treatment plans, reinforce education, and recognize emerging problems before drastic intervention is needed. Member progress can be monitored more frequently and more conveniently, helping members remain at home while reducing drive time and related costs for Care Managers.

Are your members engaged in their post discharge care?

Learn how to increase member engagement and reduce readmissions

Increase Access. Strengthen Engagement. Optimize Reporting.

Enhanced Member Engagement

During a virtual visit, your members can receive timely and ongoing guidance to ensure they are adhering to their treatment plan.

Effective and Convenient Communications

Your care management team can work more efficiently by conducting more video visits versus traveling to and from in-home appointments. In addition, by effectively monitoring and motivating members post discharge, health plans can potentially reduce unnecessary readmissions.


  • Increase member engagement, delivering guidance, and support needed to ensure member to adherence
  • Expand member access to convenient follow-up care, reducing driving time and travel costs for Care Management team members, and optimizing related productivity
  • Monitor member progress after discharge, addressing medication adherence and reconciliation in real-time and reducing unnecessary readmissions


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients with cost-contained, patient-centric communications and care.