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Post Hospital Discharge

Care does not end when a patient leaves the hospital. Patient readmissions are costly and often preventable, especially within the initial thirty days post-discharge. With Synzi, your patients can conveniently access care after discharge. To better reach and reengage patients once they return home, your staff can conduct convenient virtual visits with your discharged patients to monitor progress and help them remain at home and on track with their treatment plan.

Are your patients engaged in their post discharge care?

Learn how to increase patient engagement and reduce readmissions

Increase Access. Strengthen Engagement. Optimize Reporting.

Convenient Communication; Enhanced Engagement

During a video call, your staff can support the transition of care from inpatient to outpatient by reviewing treatment plans, reinforcing education, and recognizing emerging problems early on. As needed, a pharmacist can be included in the video call to help address medication reconciliation in real-time. Patient progress can be monitored more frequently and conveniently, helping patients remain at home, while reducing travel costs and time typically associated with follow-up appointments for patients and staff.

Dynamic Follow-Up and Optimized Productivity

Automated follow-up via email and text, with the added ability for video-based calls can be easily configured to support your patient re-engagement plan. Based on your patient touchpoint strategy, Synzi can push a text or email to your patients after discharge via the channel they prefer and in their preferred language. Reminders can be pushed until patients participate in a follow-up video call. Our reporting will also help you quickly identify those patients who have not yet responded to emails or texts, and are not engaged in their follow-up care. This allows you to focus your resources on providing care to your patients who need it most and are at-risk for readmissions.


  • Increase patient engagement, delivering guidance needed to ensure patients are adhering to plans and addressing medication reconciliation in real-time in order to reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Expand patient access to convenient follow-up care, minimizing no-shows and reducing travel time and costs for patients and staff
  • Identify at-risk patients to avoid unnecessary readmissions and automate existing workflows and map staffing to patient needs for better staff utilization


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform to engage patients, drive adherence, and improve outcomes.