Care Continuum

Improving Coordination and Collaboration Across the Care Team

Care Continuum

Improving Coordination and Collaboration Across the Care Team

Enhancing the continuum of care is important to providers and patients because everyone can benefit from enhanced satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved health. With Synzi, your team can quickly conduct a video call to align on patients’ needs or discuss patient prognosis, treatment, and expectations from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Would you like to improve the continuity of care your patients receive?

Learn how to ensure all care team members are aligned throughout the transition of care


Increased Collaboration. Enhanced Care.

Convenient Communication and Coordination

Coordinating conversations across a patient’s care team is difficult with busy schedules and sprawling facilities. Synzi’s solution makes it easy to conduct a virtual call with all care providers regardless of location and the patient’s stage in the treatment plan.

Improved Continuity of Care

The objective of the continuum of care is to maintain continuity of the medical care delivered to the patient at all touchpoints and all times. When switching between care providers or care institutions/settings, maintaining continuity is critical. Enhancing a patient’s continuity of care is especially vital for a patient who depends on medical services, whether due to age, complex conditions, behavioral issues, or chronic diseases. With Synzi, your staff can easily conduct a video call to ensure that all care providers are connected, communicating, and collaborating in delivering patient-centered care across the health continuum.


  • Align on timing and process for admissions and transfers and minimize patient wait times during critical transition points
  • Improve coordination and collaboration across providers and facilities in order to enhance the transition of care and improve satisfaction
  • Conduct more timely and convenient meetings, reducing travel time and costs for all care team members

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