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Why It Is Crucial to Use a HIPAA-compliant Platform for Virtual Care During COVID-19

Importance of HIPAA-Compliant Communications HIPAA-compliant communications are more important than ever in order to safely and securely engage patients amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Despite personal use of ad hoc video suppliers, home health agencies should leverage a HIPAA-compliant virtual care … Read More

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Improving Patient Safety with Better Patient Engagement

Understanding Risks to Patient Safety Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition event designed to advance the importance about patient safety.  Not every case of harm results in death, yet they can cause long-term impact on the patient’s physical … Read More

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How Home Health Agencies Are Expecting to Grow

Interested in Growth More than 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day in the U.S. This population shift is helping to position the home health industry for significant growth as boomers will need more care for their clinical and … Read More

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Using Virtual Care to Address Health Disparities

Defining Health Disparities There are two prevailing definitions of health disparities: The Department of Health and Human Services describes health disparities as “differences in health outcomes that are closely linked with social, economic, and environmental disadvantage.” The National Institutes of … Read More

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How Virtual Care and Communication Can Be A Competitive Advantage

Understanding the Competitive Environment Home health agencies are facing increasing competitive pressures in attracting patients and appealing to referral sources.  Agencies are also recalibrating the appropriate mix of institutional vs. community referral partners as PDGM changes the way referrals impact … Read More

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Aging in Place: The Intersection of Home Health and Virtual Care

Aging in Place According to the CDC, many older adults want to “age in place” – meaning, stay in their own homes as they get older.  Although older adults hope to successfully age in place, they face the realities of … Read More

How Virtual Care Helps A Patient Feel Like A VIP   

Patient-centered Care According to the NEJM Catalyst, patient-centered care means that an individual’s specific health needs and desired health outcomes are the driving force behind all health care decisions and quality measurements.  Home health agencies deliver patient-centered care when they … Read More

Elevating Care: How Virtual Care Helps Agencies Deliver Health Care and Life Care

The Importance of Communications Across the Care Team According to the Joint Commission, home health providers should increasingly collaborate with hospitals, SNFs, physicians, and pharmacists to achieve optimal health outcomes for their patients – especially during transitions of care.  Evidence … Read More

Addressing PDGM 2020’s Therapy Changes with Virtual Care

PDGM 2020’s Therapy Impact Many home health agencies are currently struggling with how to address the compliance regulations which will be required under PDGM.  One of the key concerns is how PDGM 2020 shifts home health reimbursement toward patient characteristics, … Read More