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Addressing PDGM 2020’s Therapy Changes with Virtual Care

PDGM 2020’s Therapy Impact Many home health agencies are currently struggling with how to address the compliance regulations which will be required under PDGM.  One of the key concerns is how PDGM 2020 shifts home health reimbursement toward patient characteristics, … Read More

How Virtual Care Can Prepare Patients for Home Health Care

Throughout the many stages of the care continuum, virtual care can improve patient expectations pre-discharge by preparing them for future changes. This includes discussing the timeliness and modality of how information is transferred between the patient and caregivers, as well … Read More

How Virtual Care Helps Home Health Agencies Partner with Post-Acute Care Facilities

Home healthcare is not limited to supporting at-home patients. Patients may be receiving home healthcare services whether they are living at home, temporarily residing in a post-acute care facility, or residing in a longer-term care facility.  Home health agencies are … Read More

How Virtual Care Can Impact the Institutional vs. Community Referral Stream

PDGM is top of mind for home health agencies as the Rule Changes will take place in 2020.  As part of the preparations, many agency executives are beginning to evolve agency processes and practices which leverage their strengths as they … Read More