Engaging Patients Pre- and Post-Op with Video and Messaging

Communicating with your patients pre- and post-surgery can be beneficial to preparing your patients for successful outcomes.  By using Synzi’s platform to conduct video-based consults/visits and launch messaging programs, home health agencies can help patients minimize unnecessary trips to the hospital, the time involved driving and waiting for appointments, and the number of work days missed for medical reasons.   

The Synzi platform enables home health clinicians to facilitate video surgical consultations.   Before a surgical procedure, the clinician can conduct a video call with the surgeon and the patient.  The video conference allows the surgeon to evaluate the patient and review his/her history and physical information.  The video conference also allows patients to meet their surgeon face-to-face, prior to the day of the procedure, without needing to travel to the care facility. 

Using technology to facilitate the pre-op process can alleviate patient anxiety before procedures and also assist patients with any specialized dietary requirements or restrictions.  Moreover, patients (and their family caregivers) may be comforted from the ability to speak with a home health clinician before surgery and ask additional questions.  Involving family members in the care, support, and communications will help the patient understand his/her pre-op responsibilities.  And, the Synzi platform provides a patient’s out-of-town family members a convenient way to become involved in their loved ones’ care, thus alleviating the guilt often associated with not living close enough to provide hands-on support.   As needed, an interpreter can be included in the video conference to ensure understanding of the critical next steps.

The post-op recovery period is critical for patients upon their return home.  After surgery, the home health clinician can use the Synzi platform to facilitate postoperative care via video.  The surgeon can “see” the patient as he/she recovers and the home health nurse can conduct a wound assessment.  Patients’ ability to follow instructions, manage medications, and engage with their care team will help minimize the risk of readmission within the initial 30 days post-discharge while influencing the long-term outcome of the surgery.  

With Synzi, home health agencies also have access to multiple procedure reminder programs with content such as pre-op and post-op advice pertaining to medications, appointment reminders, location directions, dietary reminders, and anxiety preparation for patients.  With a timed cascade of communications, the patient will continue to receive consistent, high-quality care in the period before and after surgery.  Messaging can be translated into the patient’s primary or preferred language, driving deeper understanding.

Identifying specific patients who are not responding to the home health agency’s messaging also ensures that any emerging health issue (which may thwart the timing/method for the upcoming procedure or put the patient at risk for readmission) does not go unnoticed.  With Synzi’s dashboards, home health administrators can see which patients are engaged in their care and arrange for an immediate at-home intervention for those patients who have not opened or responded to the communications.  Engaging communications regarding pre- and post-op care will help patients better prepare for upcoming procedures and also adhere to the needed treatment plan after surgery.

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