Physicians: Why Virtual Visits Are Essential

Expand Your Ability to Deliver Care to Your Patients

Designed to increase patient access to your care, Synzi helps your practice deliver virtual care via HIPAA-compliant video and messaging.

  • Our easy-to-use virtual care platform and telehealth apps helps you connect with your patients without any additional hardware, software, or cumbersome set-up.
  • You can conduct virtual visits with patients who prefer a more convenient method for their appointment.
  • Your practice can also use Synzi to drive patient adherence by sending out a cascade of condition-specific messages and using remote patient monitoring to manage patients.
  • In between appointments, you can conduct assessments to obtain timely insight into your patient’s health and better manage care for at-risk patients.


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Improve Patient Access to Your Care


Expand the Footprint of Your Practice

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Enhance Your Quality of Life

By expanding your footprint beyond the traditional in-person setting, you can meet your patients’ desire for greater convenience to care while enhancing your quality of life with the ability to deliver care from the setting of your choice.


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform to engage patients, drive adherence, and improve outcomes.