Successful agencies use Synzi to prove how they can deliver the best care – meaning, care that is timely, responsive, engaging and appropriate for each patient and their respective family/home situation – in the post-acute stage with institution and community referral sources. A referral source values agencies’ ability to help alleviate the challenges and costs associated with transporting patients to hospitals, minimize the “revolving door” of readmissions, and strengthen the hospital or SNF’s brand and reputation.

Synzi Can Help You Increase Referrals by 40%

Cultivating relationships which lead to a higher quality and quantity of referrals is on the forefront of the owners and executives of competitive agencies.   To minimize penalties and maximize performance, hospitals and SNFs are seeking out home health agencies which efficiently and effectively “bring the hospital to the home.”  As a result, home health agencies are implementing Synzi’s virtual care communication platform to better engage an institution’s discharged patients – leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals from these sources.

The Synzi platform positions an agency for success based on its ability to improve overall outcomes while lowering the overall cost of care – including the related lengths of stay and readmission rates – while strengthening patient engagement.    Using Synzi’s platform, home health agencies are experiencing a 40% increase in referrals and providing better care at better margins.   With Synzi, home health agencies can be more competitive, and most importantly, more successful in delivering on the referral partners’ goals of providing patient-centric yet cost-contained care.

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Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform to engage patients, drive adherence, and improve outcomes.