Who We Work With

Who We Work With

“Dependable embraces innovative service delivery models which enable us to provide the finest and most compassionate care to all patients. With Synzi’s platform, Dependable will be able to efficiently deepen patient engagement and effectively reduce the risk of readmissions.”

Joe Schifano  -  President/CEO, Dependable Health Services

“Aspire embraces technologies which support our goal of providing our patients with the best in-home health care and therapy services. Unlike other agencies in our region, we are also committed to helping care for the diabetic patient population with a unique approach that provides daily touchpoints… With Synzi, Aspire is able to reduce rehospitalization rates and remain profitable when treating a patient population which other agencies are no longer able to support with the shift to Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and value-based care.”

Kris Carter  -  Executive Director, Aspire.

Another interesting technology solution is the use of video conferencing in a health-care setting. For instance, we’ve recently partnered with Synzi to use their virtual care platform to securely connect members and case managers in different locations for hospital discharge, ensuring the member’s care can be coordinated and all involved are on the same page.  This technology allows for real-time collaboration to provide a clear path of care with the ultimate goal of reducing re-admissions and confusion on post-discharge care.

J. David Thompson  -  Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, GlobalHealth

For the virtual consults, if we can provide direct access to case managers for the member, we can get in front of costly medical issues and place them on a path to improved health.

J. David Thompson  -  Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, GlobalHealth

We are dedicated to continue providing care to our patients even though the flooding has greatly impacted some of our hospital’s staff ability to drive to and from our facility. With Synzi’s platform, Grape Hospital is very appreciative that we will be able to communicate with our patients and ensure the continuity of care during this challenging time.

Mike O'Neal  -  CEO, Grape Hospital

We are committed to delivering high quality and cost-effective home health care in response to our region’s needs and we were interested in introducing technology to better engage patients, utilize staff resources, and minimize re-hospitalizations.  With Synzi’s platform, Imperial is well-positioned to provide our community with better care and better outcomes.

Eleazar Tayag  -   PT, DPT, MPH, GCS, COS-C,  Clinical Manager and Co-owner, Imperial Home Health

We’re excited about how this platform will create more efficient clinical communication across our rehabilitation system, enabling our staff to easily communicate with patients on their devices they use every day is another huge benefit.

Kent Riddle  -  CEO, Mary Free Bed

There’s a big difference between what you’d see on paper and what’s happening at the moment.  With a telemedicine connection, physicians have a chance to lay their hands – virtually – on a patient and ask questions. It changes the way we can deliver healthcare.  We’re trying to take the physical piece out of physical care, this really puts us on the path to on-demand care.

Jason Peoples  -  Virtual Health Developer, Mary Free Bed

We are dedicated to delivering compassionate care to our patients and we were interested in introducing technology to get desired patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. With Synzi’s platform, our clinical staff can better connect with our clients giving us more touch points with them, while improving patient engagement.

Dale Clift  -  Executive Chairman, Trilogy Home Healthcare

In an office that’s running, in general, an 11% hospitalization rate, this population [with] this [Synzi] intervention had a 4% rate.

Gregory Sheff  -  Chief Medical Officer, AccentCare

By removing travel time … [ specialists can] broadly share their experience across the geography more efficiently, otherwise you get into these forced decisions for the clinicians in the field: ‘Do I need a wound care nurse? Is it worth having a wound care nurse drive out?’  We don’t want them thinking that. If they have any questions, we want them reaching out…

Gregory Sheff  -  Chief Medical Officer, AccentCare

It’s a very efficient way to give care.  We think it has a very positive return on investment.  But, regardless, we think the ability to deliver more expert care more broadly is worth the investment anyway.

Gregory Sheff  -  Chief Medical Officer, AccentCare

We’re focused on how we can change how care is delivered in the home [for] better outcomes and more value. This program is really one piece of a larger strategy.

Gregory Sheff  -  Chief Medical Officer, AccentCare

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