As a SaaS solution, the Synzi virtual care communication platform delivers a comprehensive suite of HIPAA-compliant video, text, email, and secure messaging applications which your administrators, staff, and patients can access from anywhere and at any time on any device.


Boost your bottom line

With the emergence of fee-for-value and capitated models, agencies can provide better care at better margins, leading to better outcomes for patients and a 40% increase in referrals from hospitals, SNFs, and physicians.

Increase Referrals

Impact of using Synzi to engage 100 patients with video, email, secure messaging, and text

Hospitalizations are avoided in 1 month ($8,000/savings each)


In monthly cost savings to Health Plan ($960,000/year)


Bonus payment to Agency for 20% of savings payback

Savings in just travel expenses could be $200,000 for a 20-nurse staff:
50 miles x $0.55/mile x 1 patient x 20 nurses = $550/day or $200,750/year


The average distance a home health clinician drives to and from a patient’s home is 50 miles – 25 miles each way.

With Synzi, your staff can conduct many of the patient visits virtually and not need to drive to/from patients’ homes for every appointments. The distance for each virtual visit is 0 miles.

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The average duration of an in-person/at-home visits is 2 hours – including travel time and the actual appointment.

With Synzi, the duration of a virtual visit is the actual length of your clinician-patient interaction – for example, 20 minutes.

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In this scenario, your home health clinicians can provide in-person/at-home care for 6 patients in 1 day, factoring in travel time, additional responsibilities, and breaks.

With Synzi, your staff productivity is optimized and your clinicians can see as many as 18 patients in one day – virtually! The travel time is repurposed into time available to engage other patients in virtual visits and HIPAA-compliant emails, texts, and secure messages.

Value of Virtual Care

Agency RN to Patient Ratio

# of Patients Cared for In 1 Day

Virtual Visits

In-Person Visits

Virtual Visits

In-Person Visits


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform to engage patients, drive adherence, and improve outcomes.