Hear how Synzi is helping healthcare organizations better engage patients, reduce readmissions, and improve outcomes.

Stephan Rodgers – CEO, AccentCare

“We are leveraging Synzi’s innovative technology to reduce the burden on our nation’s hospitals and open up available beds for the more critical patients.  With Synzi, we enable our front line caregivers to safely answer the call to care of a COVID patient, minimize the risk of infection and transmission, and deliver impactful care virtually in the home.”

Kent Riddle – CEO, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

“We’re excited about how this platform will create more efficient clinical communication across our rehabilitation system.  Enabling our staff to easily communicate with patients on their devices they use every day is another huge benefit.”

Gregory Sheff – Chief Medical Officer, AccentCare 

“In an office that’s running, in general, an 11% hospitalization rate, this population [with] this [Synzi] intervention had a 4% rate.

“It’s a very efficient way to give care.  We think it has a very positive return on investment, but, regardless, we think the ability to deliver more expert care more broadly is worth the investment anyway.”

Linda Murphy– COO, Concierge Home Care

“With Synzi, we are moving the needle in reducing rehospitalizations.   We’ve made our virtual visits more meaningful with separate nursing notes and therapy notes. Significant time is spent on each virtual visit, and we are hopeful CMS will see the value in these virtual visits in preventing rehospitalization.”

“If you think about the old days when we had a hurricane come through, you’d have everybody on the phone calling patients as well as staff hitting the road to try to talk to patients and get them prepared.  With Synzi, you can be so much more efficient and provide even more detailed information because you can standardize messaging across the whole arena or make it very specialized depending on the type of patient that you’re dealing with.”

“Synzi gives us some additional touch points and allows us to keep closer contact and [provide] education.  It’s a perfect example of how you can use technology to touch base with your patients a little bit more frequently and efficiently.”

Jason Peoples – Director of Technology and Innovation, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

“There’s a big difference between what you’d see on paper and what’s happening at the moment. Physicians have a chance to lay their hands – virtually – on a patient and ask questions. It changes the way we can deliver healthcare.  We’re trying to take the physical piece out of physical care.  This really puts us on the path to on-demand care.”

Dale Clift – Executive Chairman, Trilogy Home Healthcare

“We are dedicated to delivering compassionate care to our patients and we were interested in introducing technology to get desired patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. With Synzi’s platform, our clinical staff can better connect with our clients giving us more touch points with them, while improving patient engagement.”