Innovative healthcare organizations trust Synzi to drive 40% more referrals:

Why Synzi Now?

Optimize Productivity

With Synzi, your staff can see as many as 18 patients in one day – virtually! The travel time is repurposed to engage more patients, more often, in virtual visits and HIPAA-compliant emails, texts, and secure messages.

Agency RN to Patient Ratio
Virtual Visits
In-Person Visits
Agency RN to Patient Ratio
Virtual Visits
In-Person Visits
# of Patients Cared for In 1 Day
Virtual Visits
In-Person Visits
# of Patients Cared for In 1 Day
Virtual Visits
In-Person Visits

Boost Your Bottom Line

Save Travel Expenses

Using Synzi can help your organization reduce typical visit-related expenses such as travel pay, mileage reimbursement and liability insurance. Savings in just travel expenses could be $200,000 for a 20-nurse staff.

50 miles x $0.55/mile x 1 patient x 20 nurses = $550/day
Per year

Increase Referrals

Providing better care at better margins leads to better outcomes for your patients and a 40% increase in referrals from hospitals, SNFs, and physicians.


Synzi’s platform and HIPAA-compliant communication features help you better utilize your current staff while being able to provide better – more timely and higher quality – care to your patients.

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Pre-Built Content

Provides a quick and easy starting point for your staff to engage your patients with HIPAA-compliant texts, emails, and secure messages.  Comes ready to run with pre-built content including a “Welcome Home” message to reinforce the role of your agency.  Includes content tailored for several conditions.  Allows future customization by your agency to reflect your own protocols.

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Pre-Enrollment of Patients

Delivers speed-to-value by uploading your patients into the communication platform.  Assigns your patients to the appropriate messaging program(s) based on the patient’s condition(s).  Allows for future customization by your agency to reflect patient’s risk of readmission.  Enables patient preference for modality and language.

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Seamless Video Calls

Facilitates virtual visits and check-in’s with your patients.  Delivers an easy-to-download app.  Comes ready to use with an intuitive user experience for your clinicians and your patients. “See and solve” patient needs without having to send out staff.  Allows multiple participants (e.g., pharmacist, specialist, family caregiver, interpreter, etc.) to be included in the video call.

Move from Reactive Care to Proactive Management and Predictive Maintenance

  • More timely assessment of changing conditions or emerging critical situations
  • Avoidance of emergency department visits and rehospitalizations for patients and caregivers
  • Reduction in urgent trips to patient’s home (daily, afterhours and on weekends) for home health clinicians
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Improved overall outcomes
  • Enhanced reputation and increased referrals

Patient Program Management Framework

Synzi’s configurable framework enables providers and their staff to effectively address specific patient needs easily and seamlessly.

Multiple Touchpoints

Offers more than a single touch to engage patients. Healthcare organizations can use our framework to schedule patient-centric communications across the care continuum.

Effective Engagement

Uses multiple modalities to bring care to the patient. Our framework includes video, audio, text and email messaging to help providers re-engage, monitor, and motivate patients. Providers can also use our platform to access specialists on-demand to provide diagnoses and decisions in emergent care situations.

Impactful Communications

Drives understanding amongst non-English speaking populations. As needed, a medically certified interpreter can be integrated into a video call. Email and text messaging can be translated into a patient’s primary or preferred language.

Identify Population Cohorts
Assign to Programs
Automatically Manage Communications
Report on Patient Compliance

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