Home health organizations use Synzi’s virtual care communication platform to better enhance patient engagement and adherence in real-time.



Better technology.

Better care.

Better outcomes.

Better technology. Better care. Better outcomes

Use our award-winning virtual care communication platform to engage your patients with video, SMS, text, and/or email.

How Technology is Enhancing the Delivery of Home Health Care
Streamline Emergent Care with Virtual Consult Technology
Enhancing Patient & Member Compliance with Advanced Virtual Care Technology
Our Post-Hospital Discharge Solution: Improving Patient Engagement After Hospital Visits

Innovative healthcare organizations trust Synzi to drive 40% more referrals:

Why Virtual Care Now?

Patients are very interested:


Want to use it for select post-op appointments


Want to use it for ongoing care for a chronic condition


Want to use it for an Rx question/refill

Why Synzi Now?

Our Partners are realizing Strong Value;


Return on investment in this solution will yield in 3 years

Less than

Payback period of the investment

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Virtual Care Innovation Award Winner

“Synzi is helping to significantly improve patient interactions and engagement, and ultimately helping to optimize health outcomes.  We are thrilled to recognize Synzi with our MedTech Breakthrough Award for Virtual care innovation.”

2019 Finalist 400x336

Synzi has been selected as a finalist for a Health Value Award in the Spotlight category. Being recognized as a finalist is an acknowledgement of Synzi’s commitment to high-quality healthcare initiatives.

Four Key Capabilities of our Platform


Better Reliability:
Optimized Experience

Works on everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Our platform is optimized for reliable connectivity, even in low-bandwidth or cellular environments.

Solutions Overview<br>for SNFs and LTCFs

Better Quality:
Cutting-Edge Video

Displays high-quality video in real-time without freezes or choppiness.  As many as four people can participate in an on-demand, safe, and secure virtual consult or virtual visit.


Better Customization:
Highly Configurable

Automates your existing workflows and processes to better leverage your onsite and offsite staff.  Our platform and related messaging are based on your workflow, processes, and touchpoint strategy. We also support third-party devices.


Better Access:
Intelligent Call Routing

Facilitates quick access to your first available, designated specialists or providers.  Calls are routed based on your organization’s staffing model and patient needs, improving staff productivity and care delivery.

Patient Program Management Framework

Synzi’s configurable framework enables providers and their staff to effectively address specific patient needs easily and seamlessly.

Multiple Touchpoints

Offers more than a single touch to engage patients. Healthcare organizations can use our framework to schedule patient-centric communications across the care continuum.

Effective Engagement

Uses multiple modalities to bring care to the patient. Our framework includes video, audio, text and email messaging to help providers re-engage, monitor, and motivate patients. Providers can also use our platform to access specialists on-demand to provide diagnoses and decisions in emergent care situations.

Impactful Communications

Drives understanding amongst non-English speaking populations. As needed, a medically certified interpreter can be integrated into a video call. Email and text messaging can be translated into a patient’s primary or preferred language.

Identify Population Cohorts
Assign to Programs
Automatically Manage Communications
Report on Patient Compliance