Linda Murphy– COO, Concierge Home Care

“With Synzi, we are moving the needle in reducing rehospitalizations.   We’ve made our virtual visits more meaningful with separate nursing notes and therapy notes. Significant time is spent on each virtual visit, and we are hopeful CMS will see the value in these virtual visits in preventing rehospitalization.”

“If you think about the old days when we had a hurricane come through, you’d have everybody on the phone calling patients as well as staff hitting the road to try to talk to patients and get them prepared.  With Synzi, you can be so much more efficient and provide even more detailed information because you can standardize messaging across the whole arena or make it very specialized depending on the type of patient that you’re dealing with.”

“Synzi gives us some additional touch points and allows us to keep closer contact and [provide] education.  It’s a perfect example of how you can use technology to touch base with your patients a little bit more frequently and efficiently.”

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