How Virtual Care Supports Mental Health

Mental Health Month

The month of May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month.  For 2021, NAMI is continuing its “You Are Not Alone” campaign to focus on the healing value of connecting in safe ways, prioritizing mental health and acknowledging that it’s okay to not be okay.

How Virtual Care Supports Mental Health Care

Synzi’s virtual care platform helps ensure that mental and behavioral health specialists can continue to support their patients with the care they need – in between in-person visits and on-demand.  Amanda Miller, RN, Behavioral Health Nurse at Concierge Home Care, highlighted several benefits of using Synzi’s virtual visits and secure messaging functionality:

  • Addressing patient concerns about in-person visits: “A lot of my patients are not ok with so many people coming in and out. Synzi allows me to perform touchpoints. If a medication is changed, I can immediately find out if it’s effective – how they started it – and change the plan of care immediately… My patients don’t have to worry about someone coming into their home. They’re their real self and I learn a lot more about my patients through Synzi.”
  • Improving medication adherence and self-care: “Medication non-adherence is the number one re-hospitalization for behavioral health patients. With Synzi, I’m able to check-in randomly to do those checkpoints… ‘Hey, did you take your medications today?  Is there a reason you’re not taking them? Are you taking them at the same time?’ Those kinds of questions that, in a regular home health visit, we might not get those answers because they might just tell us what we want to hear.  But, with Synzi, I’m able to do those checkpoints and actually find out what the patient is actually doing in their home.”
  • Providing ongoing reassurance: “We have a behavioral health cadence that we send out. It reminders patients to take their meds on a daily basis and reminds them of coping skills.”
  • Delivering timely support: “Behavioral health patients in general need a lot of reassurance. Thirty minutes a week isn’t enough for them, especially if they have other comorbidities.  Having Synzi really gives them peace of mind that if they do have an issue that didn’t get addressed.  They have somebody available that they can talk through it instead of going to the ER, which is a lot of their first response to get an immediate answer.  Now, they have us.”
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