Talking Telehealth: Continuing Physical Therapy Virtually

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Experiences from Patients and Their Families

One of Synzi’s Texas-based accounts is using Synzi to conduct virtual visits with their patients who are social distancing, staying in place, or are self-quarantined.  Recently, their patients shared a few experiences of their use of Synzi:

  • “I am so glad we have Synzi! I am still able to have my physical therapy even though I am self-quarantined by my children’s request.  I can see what you want me to do… and you can see if I’m doing it right!  This is such as amazing app… I can still take care of me and make my children happy at the same time.”
  • “We (my mother and I) and I are completely amazed by the Synzi app… I was able to do what was best for my mom and not have her miss out on her physical therapy while I restricted her in-person visits and kept the home a ‘safe zone’ for her.”
  • “This is great! I can’t believe I can still exercise with you without someone even having to be here.”
  • “My family is so happy that I can still get my therapy and no one has to come into the house during COVID-19.”
  • “This helps me still get my therapy and see my nurses without possible exposure to COVID-19.”

Experiences from Their Staff

Agency staff is also pleased that they are able to proactively and safely care for patients by using Synzi to continue care virtually:

  • “I’m impressed that we were already thinking ‘outside of the box’ far enough in advance so our patients would be taken care of. I find the virtual visits useful and extremely valuable, especially during these trying times of COVID-10.  I can show something to my patient in one visit and then have them work on the something new before my next visit.”   
  • “This Synzi app means so much to my patients, especially those who are self-quarantined, either by their decision or the decisions of their families! The ability for them to be able to actually see and hear us, getting more than one sense involved, especially during the pandemic, when all they see on TV is negative. They absolutely love being able to have this interaction with us!  You   can see the appreciation on their faces during the call.  The look of concern and almost desperation disappears from when they first see us until the final goodbye as we hang up.  Our consideration for the patient’s well-being – not only physical, but also emotional – is much appreciated by our patients and their families.” 
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