Providing Cost-effective
Care and Comfort

Our communication platform can help your staff conduct 3 video-based patient visits for every 1 in-person visit. Using video technology, many of your staff's home visits can be replaced or augmented by virtual visits which better utilize available resources and optimize staff productivity while reducing your staff's travel time and costs. Our suite of innovative video conferencing and messaging programs leverages your existing workflows and can be configured for your specific patient populations and related touchpoint strategy.


Optimize Your Available Resources

  • Convert your staff’s “drive time” to “patient” time so staff can care for more patients, more frequently, and more efficiently
  • Automate existing workflows and map staffing to patient needs for better staff utilization

Enhance Patient Engagement

  • Help patients transition to the next stage of their care following a hospitalization or rehabilitation
  • Engage patients in their treatment plan with reminder messaging about upcoming appointments and easy access to compassionate care

Improve Delivery of Care

  • Access clinicians on demand to provide needed answers which can minimize patients’ wait times for a consult and/or unnecessary trips to the ER
  • Use reporting to identify patients who are most at-risk for readmissions based on their level of engagement

Understanding PDGM

The Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is the most significant change to the home health payment reform in the past 20 years.  In order to be operationally ready for PDGM implementation in 2020, home health agencies are advised to immediately create a transition plan that identifies the clinical, operational, and financial requirements under PDGM and also establish the necessary process which is aligned with the new requirements.  Effective patient influence and engagement will be crucial for home health agencies.  With an increased need to explore how technology can assist in achieving patient outcomes, home health providers are using Synzi’s virtual care communication platform to facilitate virtual visits and ongoing communications (e.g., email, text, SMS, and secure messaging) to improve efficiency and drive better outcomes, preventing lost profitability.   

Are your resources optimized to provide cost-effective care?

Learn how your staff can see more patients more frequently and more efficiently.

Optimizing Performance. Enhancing Care.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

During a virtual visit, your patients can receive timely and ongoing guidance to ensure they are adhering to their treatment plan.

Efficient and Effective Communications

Time spent driving to and from patients’ homes can be redirected to offering more care to more patients, more frequently. Related transportation costs can be minimized when “drive time” is converted to “patient time.”

Immediate and Impactful Answers

If your patient has a critical question or an emerging issue, your staff can also use our platform to quickly facilitate a virtual consult with clinicians, on-demand, and get the answers needed to keep the patient comfortably at home vs. returning to the hospital or ER.


  • Optimize your staff’s productivity and ability to care for more patients, more frequently
  • Minimize travel time and costs associated with driving to/from patients’ homes
  • Reduce patients’ wait times for a consult and avoid unnecessary visits to the ER
  • Enhance patient understanding by including an interpreter in the virtual visit and translating appointment reminders into your patient’s primary or preferred language



Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients with cost-contained, patient-centric communications and care.