Join us on Thursday, March 26th at 12pm ET for a webinar on “Clinical Psychology in Rehabilitation:  How Virtual Care Helps Patients Access Care”

This webinar will highlight how Dr. Dermyer is utilizing virtual care capabilities to connect to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital patients across the state of Michigan from her office in Traverse City, Michigan.   Dr. Dermyer will showcase how Mary Free Bed has operationalized the use of Synzi’s virtual care in clinical psychology and the ethics involved with the care.

Webinar topics include:

  • Use-cases / Case Studies
  • Operational Strategies
  • Learning Curve for Providers and Patients
  • Ethics and Expectations

Webinar presenters:

  • Heather Dermyer, Ph.D. is a Clinical Health Psychologist specializing in Psychophysiology, Integrative Medicine, Pain Management, and Sport Psychology.
  • Jason Peoples is the Virtual Care Developer at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

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Kris Carter

Executive Director

"With Synzi, Aspire is able to reduce rehospitalization rates and remain profitable when treating a patient population which other agencies are no longer able to support with the shift to Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and value-based care."


Dr. Gregory Sheff

Chief Medical Officer

"In an office that's running, in general, an 11% hospitalization rate, this population had a 4% rate with Synzi… It's a very efficient way to give care… The ability to deliver more expert care more broadly is worth the investment."


Linda Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

"Utilizing Synzi for virtual care has truly improved our rehospitalization rates and our outcomes… Synzi is the absolute solution because it allows us more touches with our patients to accomplish the goals we want to accomplish with less cost."


Learn how your staff can use Synzi’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and video to engage patients with cost-contained, patient-centric communications and care.