Register today for our upcoming Thursday, Nov 14th Teleconference at 12pm ET:

“How to Establish Essential Preferred Provider Agreements”


This session will address topics such as:

  • What do various types of referral sources, including hospitals, SNFs, ALFs/ILFs and physicians want from their preferred partners?
  • Why should hospices be especially interested in relationships with SNFs? What are key provisions to include in Preferred Provider Agreements?
  • How do you “square” Preferred Provider Agreements with patients’ right to freedom of choice?


Elizabeth E. Hogue, Esq., will present on this timely topic:

  • Elizabeth is an attorney in private practice with extensive experience in health care. She represents clients all over the country including professional associations, managed care providers, and health care providers including hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, durable medical equipment companies, and hospices.
  • Elizabeth is a frequent presenter at home care and hospice associations around the country. Her presentations highlight health-related topics, including future trends in the healthcare industry. Her numerous articles are regularly included in national and state trade association publications and other journals. She has written numerous books and articles on health-related topics.